If you are planning the perfect wedding, one thing you’ll notice is that weddings are really expensive. After all, a wedding involves booking a venue, ordering flowers, picking a band and catering for hundreds of people, depending on how big your family is and how many people you know from the different walks of life. Then of course, you have the wedding cake, wedding invitations, your wedding outfit and whatever accessories you’re planning to wear that day.


If money is tight, you’ll need to look for ways to trim your wedding budget! The first thing to consider is your guest list but if erasing people from your invite list is not an option, here are 6 ways you can lower your wedding cost.



  1. Avoid Saturday night


A little known fact: Most people get married on Saturday night making it the most expensive day to tie the knot. If you want to cut your wedding cost, pick another day.



  1. Choose a venue that’s already gorgeous


Here is the deal: A bland reception hall may be inexpensive but you’ll spend a bundle on flowers and decor. Pick a venue that’s full of prettiness already.



  1. Keep your caterer in check


Your caterer is a salesperson. He or she is going to encourage you to spend big bucks on food nobody is going to eat. To reduce the cost of food, simplify your hors d’oeuvres and main course. Additionally, you can also drop the soup and use the wedding cake for its intended purpose, which is dessert.



  1. Close the bar


Next consideration: Avoid an open bar. Remember that you’re planning a wedding and not staging the Mardi Gras. You don’t need to liquor everyone up. Just serve beer and/or wine. Alternatively, you can also offer a limited choice of cocktails.



  1. Choose your wedding outfit carefully


Wedding outfits, in particular the bridal gown can empty your wallet. You need to be clever and either buy clothes that have already been tried on or snatch them up at discounted prices when they are on sale.



  1. Hire your photographer and videographer for less time


And finally, long after the cake is eaten and the flowers have wilted, the only thing you’ll have to remember your wedding day by are the wedding photos and video. For this reason, it’s important to hire a top photographer and an even better videographer. The trick to save money is to hire them for less time if you can’t afford them for your entire wedding day.