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Top 5 Trends of Spring Weddings in 2016

The year 2015 is long gone, hello 2016! For some people, 2016 will be the year for travel or a jump in career. But for many other people, this year is a special year; it’s a year for couples to tie the knot!  Today, couples no longer want to simply host a spectacle; they simply want a special wedding that celebrates their true love and show their appreciation to friends and families. Here are our top 5 trends of spring weddings in 2016:   The Look In the past few years, we have seen thousands of pictures on Pinterest about creating themes for the weddings, from a vintage-feel wedding to a Gatsby-styled wedding. However, this year, all the focus is on the bridge and groom. Couples want to create a look that showcases who they are together. Fashionista has introduced the newest trends for the wedding dresses for spring 2016. The trends for spring 2016 include various styles for different themes and preferences. The trend ‘Return to Tradition’ with sleek sleeves add a stunning visual to the wedding dress. Or, you can impress your guests by wearing the coolest wedding dress with the futuristic 3D-embellishments.   Flowers Floral arrangement is one of the keys to create a gorgeous look for your wedding. The flower arrangement on tables and the bouquet for the bride will add not only personal statement to the couple but also meanings to your celebrated love.   Freshly picked flower is the trend for weddings of 2016. Arrangements that feature the flowers in season or whatever in local are more favored now. No need to create a fancy, polished bouquet. A free-form bouquet with the mix of big and small blossom of more than one color will add a fresh tone for the bride.     The Cake   Don’t forget this sweet centerpiece of your wedding. This year, the wedding cake trend is all about expressing your love story. People are no longer impressed by the huge, monumental towers of buttercream. Add your favorite romantic quotes or something sweet about your relationship on your wedding cakes The Rustic Venue Say hi to wide open spaces!...

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The Power Of Online Video And Photos For Your Business

The Power Of Online Video And Photos For Your Business The power of having videos and images for your business cannot be under estimated. A study conducted by Animoto showed that an overwhelming 96% of the participants found videos to be helpful when shopping online. This gets you thinking just how important these videos could be. Surprisingly, they are not only beneficial to the consumers but also to you as a business person. In addition to being the preferred medium by consumers, videos can be embedded on websites leading to increased visibility in search engine searches. Bottom line; the more the traffic you get the higher chances of getting customer leads.   Keeping Users Engaged Using Videos The first and most crucial step is driving traffic to your website. Thereafter, you need to work on ways of keeping the visitors on the site. The longer they stay, the higher their chances of making a purchase. You therefore need to ensure that they are staying as long as possible. According to Animoto’s survey, embedding videos onto a website increases sales by 85%. This is what makes videos the most powerful marketing tools. The videos visually explain the features and benefits of your products and services, better than text would. Strengthen Your Brand The perception customers have towards your business will always influence their decision to make a purchase. The website gives customers the first impression of your business or brand. The study showed that 71% found it more fulfilling to watch a video. The video left them with a positive impression of the company. Ease To Communicate We are living in an age of information overload. It is therefore vital that you research on ways to get information that is easy to digest for your customers. Videos play this role perfectly. A picture is said to paint 1000 words and it is in this light that Forrester’s researches proclaimed that a video is worth 1.8 million words. You will be surprised to know that 70% of people get a positive attitude about a business after watching a video. You shouldn’t waste this opportunity to bring customers onboard. Reaching Your Target...

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The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2016

The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2016   Weddings are a celebration that not only comes once in a lifetime but also brings joy and excitement. With weddings heading west, at least in design and style 2015 has been a year to remember. It is a year which has seen the big themes with couples keen on infusing receptions and ceremonies with personalities. Couples have been keen on communicating who they are while making their wedding magical and elegant. The result is a wedding that feels unique and personal. This post sheds light on the most noteworthy wedding trends for 2015.     British Invasion This is a trend that can be credited to the unwavering appeal of Downton Abbey and Princess Kate. It is a trend that has been common for afternoon tea and garden parties. It has been a trend that brought an influx of stylish details with dining al fresco being the popular choice. With this trend, tables are left uncovered or simply decorated with vintage lace table clothes. Loosely styled floral centerpieces complete the amazing designs. Beautiful Live Flowers These are both dramatic and romantic. They are not only versatile but also look perfect for both traditional and modern wedding themes. The use of these flowers has been praised by renowned wedding planners such as the New York City planner Shawn Rabideau. Buttons, Ribbons and Gems The wedding excitement is generated right from the planning stage. This includes the invitation card and 2015 hasn’t been short of surprises. This is a year when invitation suites were delivered in love and attention grabbing styles. Different styles such as suits wrapped in shimmery cellophane, tied up with ribbons, studded with crystals or some adorned with flowers have been seen. Selfie-Sational A good number of couples have spent money on professional, fun engaged photos. This year, a slight difference has been seen with couples venturing into invitations with anything from formal portraits to quirky set-ups. These worked the trick by making the weddings unique and adorable. Champagne With A Touch Of Class Just as you would have guessed it, champagne towers are back bigger and better. They are not...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Wedding Video

  When you’re in the middle of planning the perfect wedding and struggling to stay within a budget, you might neglect hiring a professional wedding videographer thinking that a wedding video might be an overkill if you’re already getting wedding photos done. In truth, if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a thousand pictures.  Do not think that you can get by with footage captured on a smart phone. A wedding video by a professional videographer captures moments that may otherwise pass by in the blink of an eye in a cinematic, elegant and emotional way.   So if you’re deciding against hiring a wedding videographer for your big day, think again because:   A wedding video is a beautiful way to capture moments   Although a wedding takes months to plan, the event itself comes and goes in a matter of hours. You start the day by getting dressed and before you know it, you are walking down the aisle and saying “I do” and having your first dance as a married couple. Inevitably, some moments will be blurry and that’s a shame. Right there is perhaps the most persuasive argument for having a wedding video. It lets you capture moments so you don’t miss out at your own wedding.     Don’t miss anything   If you’re the bride, you’ll be the last one to walk down the aisle. Won’t you want to know later on what happened before you made your entrance like how the bridal party walk was? A wedding video makes this possible.     Videos are easy to share   Thirdly, a wedding video is easy to share on, for example, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram or with friends and family members who could not be there. After all, it’s not always easy to get everyone you love and care about to your wedding, especially if they are overseas.     Relive the day whenever you want   Then of course, having a wedding video means that you can relive your special day and all the emotions you felt over and over again. The truth...

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6 Ways To Cut Your Wedding Costs

  If you are planning the perfect wedding, one thing you’ll notice is that weddings are really expensive. After all, a wedding involves booking a venue, ordering flowers, picking a band and catering for hundreds of people, depending on how big your family is and how many people you know from the different walks of life. Then of course, you have the wedding cake, wedding invitations, your wedding outfit and whatever accessories you’re planning to wear that day.   If money is tight, you’ll need to look for ways to trim your wedding budget! The first thing to consider is your guest list but if erasing people from your invite list is not an option, here are 6 ways you can lower your wedding cost.     Avoid Saturday night   A little known fact: Most people get married on Saturday night making it the most expensive day to tie the knot. If you want to cut your wedding cost, pick another day.     Choose a venue that’s already gorgeous   Here is the deal: A bland reception hall may be inexpensive but you’ll spend a bundle on flowers and decor. Pick a venue that’s full of prettiness already.     Keep your caterer in check   Your caterer is a salesperson. He or she is going to encourage you to spend big bucks on food nobody is going to eat. To reduce the cost of food, simplify your hors d’oeuvres and main course. Additionally, you can also drop the soup and use the wedding cake for its intended purpose, which is dessert.     Close the bar   Next consideration: Avoid an open bar. Remember that you’re planning a wedding and not staging the Mardi Gras. You don’t need to liquor everyone up. Just serve beer and/or wine. Alternatively, you can also offer a limited choice of cocktails.     Choose your wedding outfit carefully   Wedding outfits, in particular the bridal gown can empty your wallet. You need to be clever and either buy clothes that have already been tried on or snatch them up at discounted prices when they are on sale.     Hire...

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