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The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2016


Weddings are a celebration that not only comes once in a lifetime but also brings joy and excitement. With weddings heading west, at least in design and style 2015 has been a year to remember. It is a year which has seen the big themes with couples keen on infusing receptions and ceremonies with personalities. Couples have been keen on communicating who they are while making their wedding magical and elegant. The result is a wedding that feels unique and personal. This post sheds light on the most noteworthy wedding trends for 2015.


British Invasion

This is a trend that can be credited to the unwavering appeal of Downton Abbey and Princess Kate. It is a trend that has been common for afternoon tea and garden parties. It has been a trend that brought an influx of stylish details with dining al fresco being the popular choice. With this trend, tables are left uncovered or simply decorated with vintage lace table clothes. Loosely styled floral centerpieces complete the amazing designs.

Beautiful Live Flowers

These are both dramatic and romantic. They are not only versatile but also look perfect for both traditional and modern wedding themes. The use of these flowers has been praised by renowned wedding planners such as the New York City planner Shawn Rabideau.

Buttons, Ribbons and Gems

The wedding excitement is generated right from the planning stage. This includes the invitation card and 2015 hasn’t been short of surprises. This is a year when invitation suites were delivered in love and attention grabbing styles. Different styles such as suits wrapped in shimmery cellophane, tied up with ribbons, studded with crystals or some adorned with flowers have been seen.


A good number of couples have spent money on professional, fun engaged photos. This year, a slight difference has been seen with couples venturing into invitations with anything from formal portraits to quirky set-ups. These worked the trick by making the weddings unique and adorable.

Champagne With A Touch Of Class

Just as you would have guessed it, champagne towers are back bigger and better. They are not only used for formal events but also for casual colorful options. This is the year when fruit purees were mixed to create the signature cocktail that matches palettes. Truly this gave a sight to admire.



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