Trends2The year 2015 is long gone, hello 2016! For some people, 2016 will be the year for travel or a jump in career. But for many other people, this year is a special year; it’s a year for couples to tie the knot!  Today, couples no longer want to simply host a spectacle; they simply want a special wedding that celebrates their true love and show their appreciation to friends and families. Here are our top 5 trends of spring weddings in 2016:


The Look

In the past few years, we have seen thousands of pictures on Pinterest about creating themes for the weddings, from a vintage-feel wedding to a Gatsby-styled wedding. However, this year, all the focus is on the bridge and groom. Couples want to create a look that showcases who they are together.

Fashionista has introduced the newest trends for the wedding dresses for spring 2016. The trends for spring 2016 include various styles for different themes and preferences. The trend ‘Return to Tradition’ with sleek sleeves add a stunning visual to the wedding dress. Or, you can impress your guests by wearing the coolest wedding dress with the futuristic 3D-embellishments.



Floral arrangement is one of the keys to create a gorgeous look for your wedding. The flower arrangement on tables and the bouquet for the bride will add not only personal statement to the couple but also meanings to your celebrated love.


Freshly picked flower is the trend for weddings of 2016. Arrangements that feature the flowers in season or whatever in local are more favored now. No need to create a fancy, polished bouquet. A free-form bouquet with the mix of big and small blossom of more than one color will add a fresh tone for the bride.



The Cake


Don’t forget this sweet centerpiece of your wedding. This year, the wedding cake trend is all about expressing your love story. People are no longer impressed by the huge, monumental towers of buttercream. Add your favorite romantic quotes or something sweet about your relationship on your wedding cakes

The Rustic Venue

Say hi to wide open spaces! More and more couples love to create a rustic look for their weddings by seeking out the wide-open venues: greenhouse or vineyard with lots of fresh spring air!


Wedding Light

How to create a romantic, dreamy mood for weddings? Ambience is the key. And the wedding lighting is one of the most important and simplest ways to help you establish the ambience. Wedding planners say recently, they choose to use more pendant lights with bare bulbs, chandeliers and candelabras to cast a soft, warm glow.